About the 416 Group

About Us

From its beginnings in responding to developments impacting the Lane Cove National Park and nearby residents – see History – the Group has been active for more than 20 years on a range of local issues, including:

  • Working with Ku-ring-gai Council and City of RydeCouncil to ensure that West Lindfield/West Killara residents are advised of development proposals in Ryde that may affect the Lane Cove National Park environment
  • Making representation regarding local traffic and pedestrian safety issues, footpaths, sporting facilities, parks and maintenance of public facilities
  • Improving safety along Lady Game Drive
  • Lobbying for additional commuter parking at Lindfield Station resulting in State Government funding and the completed Lindfield Village Green project and yet to be realised Lindfield Village Hub project
  • Contributing to the Ku-ring-gai Housing strategy, opposing high rise towers inappropriate to the local government area whilst supporting infrastructure necessary for additional housing
  • Engaging with National Parks and Wildlife Service to ensure hazard reduction takes place consistent with the Lane Cove National Park Management Plan
  • Supporting local Community Fire Units by providing administrative assistance and supporting grant applications for purchase of equipment
  • Participating in forums, workshops and serving on various Committees
  • Establishing rapport with Federal and State Members of Parliament and Ku-ring-gai Staff and Councillors
  • Liaising with other Community organisations concerned about the quality of the natural and built environment

The 416 Group is active in promoting greater community spirit and dealing with residents’ current concerns.


The Centrepiece of the 416 Group Logo is the Powerful Owl (Ninox Strenui). A few of this rare and vulnerable species live in Lane Cove National Park.


The western sections of the suburbs of Killara and Lindfield were developed in the 1960’s in the area between Lady Game Drive and Lane Cove National Park. Residents were attracted to the natural bushland of the area, its tranquility and in particular the Lane Cove River Valley. However, on the Western Side of the Valley and opposite Albert Drive, Killara, the then Ryde Council developed a garbage tip. During the operational life of the tip residents were adversely affected by noise and smells.

In the 1990’s a number of new impacts affected the area including:

  • Increasing aircraft overflying into Sydney Airport, the development of the Third Runway
  • Increasing traffic on Ryde Road
  • Noise and smells from green waste processing at the Ryde Waste and Recycling Centre
  • Road waste and concrete recycling by City of Ryde Council
  • Development of the M2 Tollway and later proposal to build Service Centres

To address the threats an informal group called The Albert Drive and West Killara Residents Action Group was formed. It had some successes including the erection of noise barriers that reduced the impact of green waste grinding, road waste and concrete recycling noise on residents.

In 2000/1 a new threat came from a City of Ryde Council proposal to build a Mega Waste Transfer and Recycling Centre at Porters Creek adjacent to the Park and directly opposite West Killara and West Lindfield residents.

City of Ryde Council, even after repeated requests and despite its commitment to do so, failed to ensure non-Ryde residents were informed of their intentions. It thus became evident that a formal organisation was required to engage with City of Ryde Council. Residents in West Lindfield/West Killara decided in 2001 to form an environmental association – The 416 Group, the name being derived from the most common phone prefix for the area. 

The Group was successful in helping to:

  • Stop the construction of the M2 Tollway Service Centres adjacent to the Lane Cove National Park
  • Ensure that what is now the Metro Northwest line crossed the Lane Cove National Park via a tunnel and not a bridge
  • Further reduce the noise and smells emanating from the processing of green waste.