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November 2021

Vale Cec Morgan

Our last newsletter in March this year included a message from Cec Morgan on his retirement from the 416 Group as President and from the Committee. We also published a testimonial covering his outstanding contribution. Very sadly Cec had a fall at home in June and died most unexpectedly a few days after. Our sympathies went to his widow, Jenny, and his two daughters and five grandchildren. The family held a private funeral.   Cec’s service to the community particularly through his leadership of the 416 Group had been recognised by Ku-ring-gai Council. Here page 4. Following his passing both local State Members acknowledged his service in speeches to Parliament.   We miss his friendship, experience, integrity, excellent memory and wise counsel.

Lane Cove National Park hazard reduction burn

  The 416 Group had been in touch with NPWS referencing the Lane Cove Park’s Management Plan and the specified frequency of hazard reduction burns. We were pleased that when weather conditions allowed, a burn took place from 59 Albert Drive westerly, past the end of Charles Street, Terrace Rd and Blaxland Rd to Lady Game Drive. The burn, which was ten years since the previous one, was well managed and successful. Whilst there was temporary disruption the reduced fuel load has lowered the risk.   Some members of the Community Fire Units (CFU) were available to activate and gained experience under supervision of using equipment and operating in the smoke of a real fire by dampening down after the fire front had passed.   New playground equipment   The 416 Group had raised the condition of the playground equipment at St Crispens Green with Council which advised that replacement was scheduled in 2021. Works were delayed by Covid restrictions but were completed in September.

Office tower proposal for Eden Gardens

The owners of Eden Gardens on Lane Cove Road proposed an 18-storey office tower on the site overshadowing the National Park and dominating the ridgeline over the valley. A meeting was held with the proponent to register concern. A flier was prepared by the 416 Group and distributed to the 750 Killara and Lindfield households west of Lady Game Drive. It resulted in a number of community submissions opposing the project as well as ones from the 416 Group, Friends of Lane Cove National Park, STEP and Ku-ring-gai Council. Since April the proposal does not appear to have progressed, but we expect it will return in similar or modified form. It is valued at over $150M and will be subject to determination by the Sydney North Planning Panel not the City of Ryde.   In August the 416 Group made a submission on the draft Macquarie Park Place Strategy which proposes an additional 7600 residencies. Points raised included congestion on main roads, any major development to be centred near train stations, all development should be west of the M2 and storm water run-off into the National Park to be better managed.

Lindfield Village Hub Update (west of station)

  At the November Council meeting the planning proposal for Lindfield Village Hub which will move the project forward was approved with minor amendments. It is for a maximum height for residential apartments of 9 storeys down from 14. Negotiations with developers continue and appear more likely to achieve an outcome than last year. The 416 Group has argued to maximise commuter parking and together with Support Lindfield that it would be a missed opportunity if the project did not integrate a new pedestrian bridge to the station replacing the existing dangerous crossing over the Pacific Highway. However, the majority of the existing Council have been at best ambivalent about this proposal.   Meanwhile stage one works have commenced for the Coles redevelopment. Stage two which includes 70 apartments will result in closure of the existing supermarket during construction.

Ku-ring-gai Council elections

Council elections are on December 3rd. There are five wards with two Councillors elected from each. West of Lady Game Drive, residents in Lindfield fall into the Roseville Ward whilst those in Killara are in the Gordon Ward. In the Roseville Ward, Councillor and Deputy Mayor Sam Ngai (Group B) who seeks re-election has been a proactive performer in Council and responsive to the 416 Group. New candidate Alec Taylor (Group A) is in favour of the Lindfield pedestrian bridge and is endorsed by Support Lindfield. In the Gordon Ward new candidates Greg Cook and Tori Huxtable in Group D are in favour of the bridge. More information on candidates can be found on the local newspaper site at and in fliers in your mailbox.

You feedback on matters raised here or others of concern is most welcome and can be made to President, Julian Ledger with contact details above.

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